USF Tries for Another Guinness World Record — And You Can Help

Students from Minooka organizing event to set a new record while helping two great causes.

Brandon Collofello of Minooka sets the Guinness World Record for the most Aztec push-ups last year in Joliet. Credit: USF
Brandon Collofello of Minooka sets the Guinness World Record for the most Aztec push-ups last year in Joliet. Credit: USF
Last year, University of St. Francis student Brandon Collofello set a Guinness World Record during a Fighting Saints basketball game.

Collofello earned his place in history by doing the most Aztec push-ups ever recorded in just one minute. Like a regular push-up, an Aztec push-up consists of starting in a standard push-up position by dropping your chest towards the floor — but then, you must launch your entire body off the floor and touch your toes in mid-air. For his record-setting feat, Collofello did it 31 times in 60 seconds.

Now, the USF senior from Minooka wants to set another record, this time to benefit two good causes — and he needs help.

Collofello and classmates Allison Rhodes of Minooka, Chelsea Rimington of Lena and Katie Hayes of St. Charles hope to draw at least 1,000 people to Joliet's Memorial Stadium, 3000 W. Jefferson St., to set the record for the most people simultaneously doing a hip-hop dance.

The March 30 event is set to start at noon, and for just a $5 suggested donation per person, entrants can help raise money for the Special Olympics Illinois and Mercy Ships medical missions.

During the event, the crowd will be given some simple choreography, then after a few practice runs, everyone will perform the dance with some inspiration from USF mascot Bernie the St. Bernard.

Even if you're not the best dancer, you can still get in on the fun; according to the event website, "“Whether someone is in a wheel chair, standing up, or has special needs, the dance-- which encompasses one basic move-- can be performed."

The whole thing should take about 30 minutes to complete — and, with any luck, will end with a new Guinness World Record being set. A celebration is planned for after the event.

"We want to promote respect for all people, an appreciation for diversity, and place an emphasis on serving the local and international communities," Hayes said. 

Everyone is invited — including students with special needs, local high school and college students and anyone who appreciates a good rhythm. 

"The record-setting gathering is all about inclusion, regardless of ability or disability, and that’s why we’re involving a diverse group of participants," Hayes said.

Check back with the event website for more information or to register. Organizers recommend registering in advance to avoid long lines on the day of the event.

Click the embedded video to watch Collofello set the Aztec push-up record at a USF basketball game; the action starts at the 1:55 mark.


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