Back in Business: Shorewood Rewind

The Shorewood Patch is back at it in the real happiest place on earth.

The Shorewood Patch took a break a couple weeks ago and headed south to Disney World.

It was very nice, but whoever decided that Disney World is the happiest place on earth is sadly mistaken. That honor goes to Shorewood, and anyone who has ever had the pleasure to set foot inside this fair village knows the score. And that score is Shorewood 1 — Magic Kingdom nothing.

At any rate, we're back, and returned just in time for one fantastic week. In fact, it may have been the greatest week ever. Let's take a look back at what went down, as we reminisce once more with the Shorewood Rewind:


The Patch is back

Like we said, we got back from Florida.


Lucky Little Lotto winner

Illinois Lottery officials announced a at the Brookforest Avenue Dominick's. Rumours abound that state legislators have considered mandating all winning lottery tickets be sold in Shorewood, which only makes sense.


Shorewood rocks the vote

There was an . Stevan Brockman,  the lone challenger against three incumbents for one of three seats on the village board, may have his way on by a mere 12 votes. The results will not be made official until March 29, so Brockman must wait to see if he actually won. Last time he ran for village board, Brockman missed out by only 14 votes, so he knows how to keep things close. The cool-headed Brockman had turned in before the polls closed and was woken by the Shorewood Patch, which broke the news of his apparent victory.



It was Wednesday and there was all sorts of stuff pertaining to mothers on Patches around the country.


Hot houses in Shorewood

The Shorewood Patch some desirable homes in Shorewood.


Plainfield man wrecks perfect week for Shorewood police

Except for some guy from Plainfield allegedly trying to steal "miscellaneous food items" from a 7-Eleven, the Shorewood cops might have . They were so close.


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