Local Fitness Instructor's Training Programs Deliver 'Relisable' Results

Fitness instructor, clients reap benefits of healthy lifestyle

Some fitness classes can get repetitive and boring. The instructor may not be as motivating as you want. 

But with Lisa Passas as your instructor, you will get pizzaz and creativity in your workout.

You will get her spunk and encouragement. Crazy music and off-the-wall moves in her routines will make you want to come back and not deny yourself of a workout.

And don’t be surprised if she belts out an occasional “whoo” to keep you motivated.

For about 14 months, Passas, a personal trainer and fitness and nutrition instructor, has been leading classes at Five Star Cheer Academy, located at 2621 City's Edge Drive in Joliet.

Passas' calls her program Relisable—alluding to the word "realizable" while incorporating her first name—and she said it allows people to expand outside their comfort zone and grow into the person they want to be.

Passas admits her workouts can be hard at first, but said her clients will love the benefits.

“My job is fun and I love what I do,” Passas said. ”It’s a great feeling to know that I have helped change people by becoming more healthy and to make them realize they have the potential to do things.”

Classes are a mix of activities, including strength training with weights and core balance using a stability ball. There is an hour-long class that alternates three minutes of weight training with two minutes of cardio. 

High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) is what Passas calls the “skinny class.” She said this class will burn many calories and fat. Her cardio-boxing class draws more than 30 participants per class, Passas said. 

“I feel the vibe off people,” Passas said. “ I don’t hold back. I will incorporate funky moves with the sports training.”

Classes can be paid on a walk-in basis or by purchasing a punch card, Passas said. This makes it a little easier for participants to come to class, she said, especially if they know they may have to miss a class or rearrange their schedule to attend another.

Intense training

Warrior Dash conditioning will begin April 1. The 11-week program is to prepare participants in conquering 3.19 miles of mud crawling, fire leaping and running at Dollinger Family Farm in Channahon on June 16 and 17.

Beginning June 11, Passas will conduct her Annual Relisable Boot Camp. The class is guaranteed to take off weight and inches and increase strength, stamina and ego, she said.

Passas has even outreached to businesses and has conducted after hour and lunch break exercise classes. 


In addition to her workout classes, Passas has introduced a nutritional program to her clients. USANA Health Sciences has been developing and manufacturing high quality nutritional supplements, healthy weight management products and personal care items since 1992.

Passas, a USANA user herself, has challenged several of her fitness clients to the Resist Challenge. This five-day fiber cleanse has participants drinking three shakes a day. Two protein bars and several servings of fruit and vegetables are also consumed. A gallon of water is to be consumed every day of the challenge. Water can only be flavored by lemon, lime or cucumber slices, Passas said. Nutritional supplements are also included in the challenge.

“The purpose of this challenge is to change cravings and detox the body from carbohydrates,” Passas said. “It’s a low glycemic diet that helps maintain energy and burn fat.”

Approximately 15 people accepted the challenge in December and lost a combined total weight of 105 pounds, Passas said. On an average, women will loose between five and 10 pounds on the challenge, where men loose between 12 to 15 pounds, Passas said.

Passas will be speaking at an USANA event on Feb. 25 at the New Lenox Park District. Information on registration for this seminar, as well as classes and nutrition facts can be found at Relisable's website.

Passas can also be reached at lisapassas.usana.com, relisable@live.com, or by calling 815-690-0434.

“I’m truly living the life I want. It’s the happiest place I have been in a long time,” Passas said. “I’m very excited at what is happening and it’s great to see that I have made a difference in people.”

Vanessa Holloway April 27, 2012 at 11:23 PM
The theme for this year’s Relisable Boot Camp is “No One will STOP US, No One will OUT DO US, No One is BETTER than US”. Enroll today by contacting Lisa Passas at 815-690-0434 or relisable@live.com. Registration begins Saturday, May 5, 12 and 19th from 10:00-11:00am At FIVE STAR CHEER ACADEMY in Channahon 2621 City’s Edge Drive, Joliet, IL 60436 Boot Camp Classes will be held on M/W/TH 7:30-8:45am, 9:15-10:30am, 6:00-7:15pm Session begins on Monday, June 4th for testing and the last class is September 20th. Cost: $240.00 Babysitting is Available on the days of the classes. Cost Monthly: One Child $50.00 ($4 per class) Two Children $70.00 ($5.83 per class) Three Children $80.00 ($6.66 per class) (If you cannot attend for the whole boot camp session because of school or career, Your Boot Camp will END Aug 20 the cost $190) Please contact Lisa Passas Payment: Cash, Check or Credit


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