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Visit to Sushi Ya was Good Food with Great People

The restaurant was selected by my Minooka dining companions but I would return.

I like sushi. I just like it. I do not love it. But, that is what makes the all-you-can-eat menu at Sushi Ya perfect for me. I can have one or two pieces of sushi, some maki, a salad, some rice, all for the same price of $19.99.

For me the sushi was the way to go. For each one that you order, you only get one piece. This is untrue for the maki rolls, which came with a few pieces. Although in my group someone was guaranteed to eat something I wasn't a big fan of, you do run the risk of having food left on your plate - for which you are warned you will be charged. Despite all that, I found some offerings for which I return.

First, I ordered two pieces of sushi - the squid and the arctic clam. The two I began with were the ones I liked the most. I love squid. But, it was the clam that I liked best. Next time I would order more than one of those. And, I would ask for a slice of lemon. I later ordered the octopus. It was good, but not my favorite.

I enjoyed the salad I ordered in the beginning of the meal as well. The dressing is ginger-based. I am betting it, if not some of the other things I opted for, included ingredients that I should not have been eating. But, I did enjoy my meal.

In addition to the sushi and maki rolls I ordered. both offered samplings from their orders. I thought I would really like the Philadelphia Roll - which is made from salmon, avocado and cream cheese. But, I thought the cream cheese overpowered the rest of the roll. Otherwise, I think I would have enjoyed it. What I did really like was the Godzilla Roll. Made from spicy crabmeat, avocado, crunch and with eel on top, I would order that one again.

The LaLonde's said they enjoy Sushi Ya and visit it about once a month. They are foodies and the all-you-can-eat sushi allows them to sample different options and to share them as well.

Since writing about my meal with the Minooka residents, I have seen comments about others' views of Sushi Ya. Although I thought what I was eating was fresh, I did get the feeling that if you ordered too much sushi you would get a strange look. But I am not sure if this is actually what the servers intend.

I had been to Sushi Ya once before my visit with the LaLondes. This was when they had first opened, but before they had implemented the all-you-can eat menu. I thought the food I had this last time was fresher than my first visit.

I would return to Sushi Ya. And, I am looking forward to trying the other local sushi restaurants that readers have suggested.


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