Good Food in a Casual Atmosphere

En Lai can be found in multiple towns and is worth a trip

When you walk into in Shorewood, it seems like an ordinary Chinese restaurant. The offerings too - sweet and sour chicken to Happy Family - are what you would find anywhere. It is not until you pick up your fork and dig in that you realize that when it comes to this destination, looks aren't everything.

My dining companion dined here last week. We ordered an entree each, she got soup and I ordered a rice noodle dish. I am always on the lookout for a . I get a hankering for Asian cuisine more often than any other, so it is good to have a go-to place.

I ordered the shrimp and scallops, she ordered the Happy Family. When the entrees arrived, we dug in with a fork and as soon as the food hit our palate, it was mmmmmmm all around. This food was good. It was flavorful. The shrimp in both dishes were large and I ordered mine without broccoli, so I was a happy girl. When the rice noodle dish arrived, I dug into that too and it was great.

Since we ordered so much food, we had leftovers. I took home the leftover shrimp and scallops and the rice noodles. I had enough left over to heat them up twice. And, they were excellent heated up both times.

Don't misunderstand me. This is Chinese take-out. There is nothing fancy about the food or the atmosphere. But it is good Chinese take-out. Some of the better that I have had in a while. A caution to my friends who are gluten-free, though. The restaurant had Kikoman soy sauce on the table and it contains wheat. So, if they use it in their cooking, then you could end up with gluten in your food. I am not ultra sensitive, so I took a chance and I did not seem to react negatively - not any more than is the usual with Chinese food. Just be aware if you dine there to ask or order a dish with a white sauce.

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