It's a Place to Go for the Experience

Nelly's is a throwback to older times while still serving great food.

The menu at Nelly's is on the wall. It's written in chalk. There are no salads. There are, however, plenty of options. And, when I asked for my pulled pork without the bun, they did not even look at me funny.

My visit to Nelly's was spurred by the suggestion of Patch's own . Not only did she like the food, but she loved that you can walk from the restaurant into the neighboring furniture store. So I asked Patch readers who wanted to make the trek to Wilmington and raised her virtual hand. We had a great lunch with great conversation.

Our lunch at Nelly's was one of the first times I ordered the same thing as my dining companion - pulled pork. Mine, of course, came with no bun. And I also ordered the fries with cheese and bacon. The pork is served without BBQ sauce, but has a flavor to it - like a liquid marinade. With no bun, it was too much flavor. But I can imagine that on a bun, it is moist and delicious. I also liked the BBQ sauce at Nelly's. I am fairly picky when it comes to sauce - finding many of them too smokey. This was a good flavor.

Jepsen said she really enjoyed her sandwich and said she would be bringing her family back. I probably will too. Nelly's is a unique restaurant. With a menu on a chalkboard and the opportunity to write on the ceiling when you visit, it's worth the trip. In addition, I love the town of Wilmington - with its pretty downtown and the river running through. In fact, the river adds a pretty view across the street from Nelly's.

Nelly's is at 140 Bridge Street in Wilmington, which is on historic Route 66. You can find them on Facebook.


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