Louie's Chophouse is the Perfect Date Restaurant

With a romantic dining room and great menu selections, Louie's is a great, local, fine-dining option.

I first entered a few years ago as part of a chamber of commerce event. It’s hard to get a feel for the menu when you go to a restaurant at a catered lunch event. It is impossible to get a feel for the dining room when you are dining in the banquet room.

A couple years later, I went back to Louie’s. My family and I had gone to a restaurant in the western suburbs to celebrate my husband earning his degree. We all wanted dessert, but between my nut allergy and the fact that I am gluten-free, they did not have any options. So, we headed back towards the house, with me thinking that I could stop in Plainfield for crème brulee. Alas, the restaurant that used to have crème brulee did not have it that night, but Louie’s did. It was phenomenal. My husband ordered tiramisu (one of the few things I will break my GF diet to eat) and the kids had sundaes.

The last time I went to Louie’s was on my birthday, which is in December. If you dine there on your birthday, your entrée is on the house. What a treat. When my meal arrived, it looked so good that I took a photo of it and put  it on my Facebook wall. That’s when you know you are a foodie – when you can’t even wait to get home to show your friends how good your dinner looks.

I ordered shrimp and scallops and these were the biggest scallops I have ever seen. And, they were phenomenal. My oldest son ordered the prime rib – off the kids’ menu. That is an unusual item to have on the kids’ menu. I tried a bite and it was as tasty as the adult version, just a smaller portion.

My husband ordered a seafood pasta dish and my youngest ordered chicken fingers.

All of the times I have eaten at Louie’s, I have been with my two kids. It’s really good to have an upscale restaurant that doesn’t frown upon children dining with their families. If I were to dine with just my husband, though, I would ask to be seated in their intimate booths. Although they are in the middle of the dining room, these romantic-looking booths are the perfect place for a first date or an anniversary dinner.

Louie's is a fine dining restaurant, so expect to pay an average of $9 for a single-serving appetizer and $17 to $32 per entree. Check Louie's Web site for daily specials every day except Saturday.



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