Too Cold for Creamery?

Sadly, this local editor wimped out this week. Brrr...

So it must have been a cold day - some who know me best would say a place way down south filled with fire and brimstone must have frozen over. I went to the the other day. I got out of my car and I got back in. It was too cold.

Now I know, any good Chicagoan (suburbs or not) ought to be able to take a little cold and still enjoy a. But this girl completely wimped out. Too bad too, because the Creamery has some new delicious treats this year.

Anyone who is friends with Channahon-Minooka Patch on Facebook knows that I caved on opening day and opted for the nachos. Never a bad choice. I was going to skip the frozen treats, but owner Cathy Blum offered to let me sample the new items. First up, a treat I cannot have, but my oldest son gave it a huge thumbs up - the Golden Oreo Tornado. Made with, what else, Golden Oreos, it has become his favorite.

I began my sampling was the white chocolate cone dip. It was ok. I thought it was not a strong enough taste of chocolate, but that is just my palate. I am hearing it is crazy popular, so give it a try.

The second try may be one of my favorites there. I am still loyal to the Patch Tornado (that's Twinkle and Snowcaps), but the new one is great. So, it's one of those flavor swirl things they have on deck. It's a mocha cappuccino or something like that. It tastes like a Frosty married a Jamoca shake. It's excellent. And, because I cannot walk away without it, even better with Twinkle.

Coming up on the menu as the season wears on are daily hot food specials and the return of the popular Captain Crunch Tornado.

As for me, I will be ordering the Patch Tornado, maybe some nachos or a chicken salad and always a giant Cherry Pepsi.

Vanessa Holloway February 28, 2012 at 12:21 PM
Never too cold for Minooka Creamery ice cream! Still have to make our first-of-the-year run. Perhaps this week to celebrate a first band concert and basketball awards. Sorry I couldn't answer your poll. It doesn't have the category " Try something different every time you go." LOL
Flora Dora February 28, 2012 at 08:19 PM
It's never too cold for the Creamery! Delicious!


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