What Do You Think of Twin Rails Pub?

We gave you our opinion on Monday; now you tell us what you think?

We know is relatively new in Minooka. So, maybe you have not had a chance to try the food yet. But we did. On Monday, we told you that . Maybe, though, you disagree.

We're not egotistical enough to tell you what restaurants you do and don't like. It's your community. You eat the food. You tell us if it passes the mark.

So as a companion piece to Dining with Dawn, we are starting The Friday Food Critic, where each week, we put a different restaurant on the chopping block. You tell us how you feel about it, what dishes are good, who has the best drink specials and so forth.

We admitted that Twin Rails Pub is new...so new in fact that they do not yet have a business listing on the site. So, this week, we need you to comment on this story and tell us about your experience at the pub.

Dining with Dawn has always been open to traveling to neighboring towns, so there will be times that our featured restaurant will be outside of town limits. Then we will also need you to tell us what you think in the comments.

But when a restaurant is in town limits and has a business listing, you can comment right on that listing. Then, anyone wanting to eat there can read what you think.

Dawn Kaluzny April 20, 2012 at 12:14 PM
Going to their wine-tasting event next Sunday, 4/29. Looking forward to seeing the place!
Jim Glover April 20, 2012 at 01:21 PM
I think your Friday Food Critic sounds wonderful. My husband never wants to try a new place. Same old restaurant. He's afraid the meal just won't be right. I feel your doing the community good by introducing restaurants that we never heard of or their just opening up. Opinions are greatly appreciated of how each restaurant is rated. Channahon resident.
Sue Fenoglio Onderisin April 20, 2012 at 02:19 PM
My family & I have eaten there a few times. So far the food & service have been very good! Also, they did a great job on remodeling the whole place, it is beautiful!!!
cathy April 21, 2012 at 03:16 AM
My husband & I ate there recently. Very good. I had a salad, he had a burger & we shared the spinach artichoke dip. All were phenomenal!! We are very big fans of Chapins in Morris so we knew it would be good. I'm hoping they get their kegs in soon (they didn't have them installed when we were there). We will definitely be back!


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