What Do You Think of The Rockwell Inn

On Monday, we told you what we thought of this restaurant that is a veritable landmark in Morris. Today, we want to know what you think.

The Rockwell Inn is just over the border, in neighboring Morris. But we think it is worth the trip. Not only for the food, but also for the history. On Monday, we told you that . Maybe, though, you disagree.

We're not egotistical enough to tell you what restaurants you do and don't like. It's your community. You eat the food. You tell us if it passes the mark.

So as a companion piece to Dining with Dawn, we started . Each week, we put a different restaurant on the chopping block. You tell us how you feel about it, what dishes are good, who has the best drink specials and so forth.

We know that The Rockwell Inn is not technically in town. But we think it is good enough to make the trip. But, since it is not in town, it does not have its own business listing on the site. So, this week, we need you to comment on this story and tell us about your experience at the Morris restaurant.

But when a restaurant is in town limits and has a business listing, you can comment right on that listing. Then, anyone wanting to eat there can read what you think.

Jacki McHale April 27, 2012 at 01:18 PM
Maybe it was the nostalgia I felt by being there 22 years later (past memories of my family there when I was a child. My grandmother and Uncle have since past) I remember the smoke filled restaurant, the HUGE bar, ONLY eating cottage cheese at their salad bar, and my dad and uncle trying out the escargot for the first time. Fast forward to a week and a half ago.Dawn and I showed up WAY early, and they still opened their doors for us (two hours early) we had the place to ourselves. Sitting up in the Camelot booth, it was like going back in time. Minus all the smoke! Salad bars are NOT my thing. This one? WOW. I mean for someone who doesn't eat salads often to get excited about salads, the toppings, the pasta salads... then my dinner was great. Filet minion, double baked potato, side of veggies. AND we enjoyed some AMAZING deserts! I had the carrot cake. It was perfect. Hearing the waitress, Jeri Siron, tell us about the history of our table, the bar and stories about the place made it that much more enjoyable. It's not an everyday place for us, being a steak house, but for special occasions this one is right up there on my list!
charlies angel April 27, 2012 at 02:46 PM
I haven't been there in a couple of years. Thought it had shut down for awhile or changed owners I heard. Last time we ate there, it was fantastic food. Great, personable waitress as well but it smelled kinda musty, like moldy when we firts walked in. I know the building is old. The only thing that kinda bothered me was that it was very dark in there. I like to see my food when I eat. We own a pest control company and the first thing we think of when a restaurant is dark is that they are trying to hide a problem. I'm not saying that about all restaurants. We were eating in a restaurant/bar in central Illinois and it was very dark. My husband saw something on the ledge by our table and didn't tell me until we were finished. After my last bite he took his lighter and flicked it, there was a nasty roach. I could have killed him because i would have walked right out of there after throwing up. Back to the Rockwell, I would have to try again for an updated opinion.
Marc May 20, 2012 at 11:00 PM
Have never been before so i cannot give an opinion on what it use to be.Have been there 4 times now and we love it !! Everything we have tried has been awesome.I like the dark lighting in a resteraunt myself.Thats why we love Montes in ottawa as well. The staff at both places are great and so is the food.Have tried the surf and turf,Bone in ribeye,Filet minon and the Prime rib,,all i can say is wow<<<<<


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