Paula Deen's Kitchen is Comfort Food and More

Gluten-free eating is a challenge in this southern-fare restaurant, but it is not impossible.

Comfort food does not even begin to cover it.

"These are the best potatoes I've ever tasted," Kassie Chronister said.

Chronister, who is from Morris, joined me for lunch at the newly-opened Paula Deen's Kitchen, in Harrah's Hotel and Casino Tuesday.

Chronister's tie to the Channahon-Minooka area is relative. Her brother, Jim, was the owner of the now closed She was looking so forward to eating at Paula Deen's.

I knew going in that it would be a challenge to find something gluten-free at a Paula Deen's Kitchen. I was disappointed that the fried green tomatoes were breaded, but I am not sure how you would fry green tomatoes without flour and egg. I picked the seafood salad, which was really good.

I took a chance at the Louis dressing, which was much like a Thousand Island. And I could not resist the aforementioned potatoes.

For those of you who are gluten-free, this restaurant is worth a trip. However, I do not think that the buffet is worth it because I don't think, short of the potatoes, that I could have eaten anything on Chronister's plate.

I passed on dessert, but did risk a bite of Chronister's Gooey Butter Cake selection. The dessert was like a spoonful of sweet butter.

"It's a good thing they only give you a little piece because it's so rich," Chronister said.

You can find more information about Paula Deen's Kitchen and make reservations through the Harrah's Hotel and Casino Web site.

FP April 11, 2012 at 02:12 PM
My family and I went there for dinner last week. As they didn't have much for my two little picky eaters other than the mac & cheese, I throughly enjoyed the buffet. My mother is from the south so everything on there reminded me of going back to Tenn to visit my family when I was growing up....collard greens, black eyed peas,green beans, country fried chicken, it was all delicious!!!! The butter cake, Yum is all I have to say =-)


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