Channahon Offers Opportunity to Name a Tree After Someone

The memorial tree walk is about half planted and the village did it for a fraction of the cost.

A couple years ago, the village of Channahon wanted to install a memorial tree walk in the community. They went out to bid for the project, but the bids came in much higher than expected.

"Our lowest bid was $25,000 for limestone screening path, which was twice what our engineer's estimate was for it," Ed Dolezal, superintendent of public works said. "And then, that's when we decided to build it ourselves and we ended up doing it for material and equipment rental for $1,400."

The memorial tree path has 29 species of trees.

"They were actually meant to be the trees that were approved by the village to plant in parkways in front of your house," Dolezal said.

That way, residents can see what the trees look like in person.

Memorial trees will cost up to about $250, depending on the kind of tree, Dolezal said.

"You’re going to spend $200 or so for a tree and that includes the memorial plaque for the tree," he said.

The memorial tree walk will be about twice the size it is currently when it is complete.

"It’s going to ultimately have about 48 or 50 trees in it," Dolezal said. "It’s going to double in size from what you see out there now.

"It’s going to expand to the north."

For more information, go the to the Channahon Web site. Or, for an order form, click on this link: Memorial Tree Walk Information and Order Form.


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