Minooka Couple Could Use Your Vote

Kyle and Sarah Symons could be the winning Outdoor Team.

Kyle and Sarah have been married nearly two years. And, they have found a new activity they like to do together - deer hunting.

The pair laugh when they tell the story that they met in a duck blind. In fact, when they were married, they went out to a duck blind to take wedding photos.

"I was actually all for it – cause that's where we met, so it was fun," Sarah said. "We cleaned it out before hand."

The couple were transported to the spot to take wedding photos in a friend's pontoon boat.

Kyle grew up in  and Sarah grew up in Joliet. Kyle currently is a firefighter.

Kyle and Sarah entered a contest online through Cabela, an outdoor store. Their Facebook page is where you can vote for the winning couple.

Not a new sport

Sarah may be new to deer hunting, as is Kyle, but she is certainly not new to hunting.

"Growing up with all brothers and my dad, all we ever did was do stuff outside," Sarah said. "I grew up going shooting with my dad all the time."

She is one of those hunter who uses what she shoots.

"(It's) just the thrill the excitement every time you shoot, plus we eat everything we shoot," she said.

But even when a hunting expedition is unsuccessful, Kyle said the experience is still fun.

"Some of the most fun times I ever had duck hunting, we never shot a thing," Kyle said.

If the couple wins the contest, they get a 10-day trip for two to New Zealand to hunt red stag and the chance to be featured on Cabela's Ultimate Adventures TV show.

Voting ends March 31.

Editor's Note: Incorrect descriptions in the article have been fixed. We regret the error.

Chad Hrechko March 29, 2012 at 01:30 PM
A duck line? I think its a duck blind
Terri Tatroe March 29, 2012 at 07:27 PM
There are 45 pages of couples. Kyle and Sarah are on page 8. Good luck!!
Michele Houchens March 30, 2012 at 02:50 AM
Thanks Terri! It was taking me so long to scroll through and I really want to vote for them!


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