Minooka Woman Helped by HUGS

Shorewood HUGS granted a wish to a Minooka resident for much-needed car repairs.

Shorewood HUGS has granted more than 45 wished in the past two years. Most recently, a Minooka woman was chosen to have a wish granted.

Karen Conroy wrote to HUGS asking for help because she had fallen on hard times. What she was asking for was some necessary car repairs. She met with a representative of HUGS at Pep Boys in Joliet and Shorewood HUGS took care of the cost of those repairs.

Do you know someone in need of a wish? Shorewood HUGS is a non-profit women's organization that grants wishes all year long for residents of Shorewood, Joliet, Plainfield and the surrounding communities. For more information visit their Web site. Wish requests can be submitted online or by writing to Shorewood HUGS, 954 Brookforest Ave #100, Shorewood, IL 60404.


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