Ann Romney & The American Mother: Mom Talk

Does the presidential hopeful's wife represent modern America?

It was pretty mild as far as political blunders go. After having read the entire transcript, I thought the statement was awkward, but not offensive. Of course, had I been Ann Romney, I may feel differently.

Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen took a big swat at Ann Romney. Despite Ann's well-bankrolled lifestyle, she has five sons. So unless she had a battalion of nannies and staff, the woman must have worked very hard being a mom.

There is no doubt that Rosen was wrong and stuck her foot in her mouth when she said Romney never worked a day in her life. The next sentences of Rosen's statement softened the blow.

Rosen was making the point that Romney hasn't ever had an employer, she has never had to fight for wage equality, she has never had to worry about feeding her kids. In those regards, Romney does not represent the typical woman in the workplace.

Tuesday was Equal Pay Day. Rosen's right: the Romneys don't get it. 
According to the National Women's Law Center, white women are earning a mere 77 cents to the white male's dollar. Our Latina sisters are getting hit the hardest with a pathetic 54 cents, and African-American women are at 62 cents.

When you clear away all the mudslinging, finger pointing and backlash, the facts are the same. Women are still taking it on the knuckles when it comes to trying to put food on our tables.

Having been a career woman turned stay-at-home mom, I moved my desk from the 44th floor to my kitchen table. Unlike either Rosen or Romney, I am in a great position to weigh in on this issue.

Motherhood is by far the hardest work. It is also the most rewarding. Rosen, yes, you need a time out for your statement. And Romney, you just settle your britches down, too. Your error was just as bad. You should have turned the spotlight where it needs to be: on the women who are working just as hard as The Man and earning only two-thirds.

Instead of all the childlike fighting at recess, we need to put on our big-girl pantyhose and keep our eyes on the ball. Or in this case, maybe it's not a ball. We need to keep our eyes on the doll.

The Sentinel April 18, 2012 at 07:01 PM
It's important to notice that the person who started all this against Ms Romney is a "democratic strategist" and she is trying the old Democrat trick of picking on anyone Republican who is within sight. I'D like to ask her just how hard Obama worked when he had a job. Oh, wait, he didn'T HAVE a job before becoming a senator for 180 days. He was a..."community organizer" before that. Real tough work. MOM'S work harder than that. Ms Rosen owuld do well to keep her big trap shut unless she's going to pick on a presidential candidate. Far as I'm concerned, wives, just like kids, should not be made into political targets. Good night to you from Hollywood.
Jeanne Hall April 20, 2012 at 11:29 PM
The main thing one has to remember is that Ann Romney CHOSE to be a stay-at-home mother! I would be more concerned about a woman who is a stay-at-home because her husband/boyfriend made her do so, perhaps for some reason based on a twisted interpretation of "a woman's place is in the home," or Ephesians 5:22, "Wives should be subordinate to their husbands." That amounts to spousal abuse! There's even the concept in Spanish/Latin American culture of "machismo," where the man is superior to everything, and that is used to force a woman to stay at home, not earn extra (or needed) money, not learn English, etc. I work outside the home because I HAVE to. My husband would love for me to stay at home full time, but he realizes that without my income, we may end up being homeless. I find interesting the Filipino concept: women are encouraged to go to school and work outside the home. But their income is not seen as their own- it is a supplement to their husband's or their parents' income. Family is EVERYTHING to the Filipinos, and they are taught early on how not to think about themselves, but about their families first (Something Americans DESPERATELY need to learn!). So, if a woman wants to work out side the home, that's her business. If a woman wants to stay-at-home, that's her business, too. But either way, IT HAS TO BE HER OWN DECISION AND NOT BY FORCE FROM ANOTHER!
The grinch April 21, 2012 at 03:10 AM
Thank you, Amy. Just because she was able to be a stay at home Mom doesn't mean she lived her life watching tv and eating bon bons. Instead, she has wondered if this year will be the last with her kids...or the last year she can walk with them, talk to them, see them. Why do women have to continually knock each other down trying to one up each other with who has the hardest life?
Edward Andrysiak April 25, 2012 at 06:32 PM
A job is a job! Be it a Mom or anything else. I had the misfortune of becoming divorced when my three kids were ages 13,11 and 9 (I kept my kids). The youngest needed open heart surgery at that very trying time and, of course, I needed to work outside of the home. So, I was Mr. Mom...there isn't enough space here to tell you how difficult that was and how much energy it took to keep things going. Besides, I am a crappy cook! I did learn to make meals that yielded leftovers which became a "cold plate" along with fruit for Sundays. Dad's day off...kinda. Moms, working or not let me tell you this; I am "one cowboy" that appreciates and understands the demands and sacrafices Moms make in keeping the home. We should never look for anymore in a womans "job description" past the word MOM!
The Sentinel April 25, 2012 at 09:06 PM
Excellent comment, Edward.


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