Dog That Was Lost - and Found - Touches Hearts Along the Way

Sylvia was reunited with her owners Monday afternoon.

Debbie Trujillo and her husband Paul were outside their home in Joliet Monday, when this little dog came running up to Debbie. Debbie described the dog's movements as dancing and she knew from the dog's behavior that it must have a home.

"We were driving around, looking for people to ask," she said of her efforts to find the dog's owner.

When they pulled back near their home, their neighbor, April Kruse was pulling in as well. Kruse offered to watch the dog.

The neighbors only had the dog for a day, but in that time, not only did Sylvia, whose name they did not know at the time, keep Kruse company, but also reminded her what it was like to have a dog.

"This has spurred me on to look at Shih Tzu puppies again," Kruse said.

Kruse took the puppy all around town, searching for her owners. When a friend of went to Joliet Township Animal Control to see if anyone had reported a small, white dog missing, he found a photo of Sylvia and Kruse went about finding the owners.

Both Trujillo and Kruse wanted to find the dog's owners, but in the time they had Sylvia in their lives, they became attached.

"I fell in love with her; I didn't want to physically let her go," Trujillo said.

She also really enjoyed watching her neighbor find joy in caring for the dog.

"I believe that some things are like sent from heaven," Trujillo said. "I saw April's face light up."

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William October 02, 2012 at 11:35 AM
Good for you.............some despicable types would have just kept the dog.............there is hope
Deborah Trujillo October 02, 2012 at 10:48 PM
Thank you, William! This sweet little dog touched out hearts but we knew there was a family out there who would miss her dearly.


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