Letter to the Editor: Shame on Bob Kalnicky

Campaign literature spreads false information about his opponent for the 98th District House seat, writer says.

Dear Editor;

I don't usually talk openly about politics. I believe that one of our great privileges as American citizens is our right to vote. How we vote is based on what we believe to be in the best interest of our district, etc. As a woman I take my right to vote seriously.

I am appalled to find a piece of mail today from Bob Kalnicky, who's running against Natalie Manley for the 98th District House seat. If I were ever considering to vote for him, my mind would have been changed after seeing the FALSE accusations towards his opponent. Had Mr. Kalnicky's camp done their homework, they would have found the accusations against his opponent were false, no charges were ever filed and the case was dropped.

Yet, Mr. Kalnicky seems so insecure and desperate about winning this
election that instead of telling the voters what he will do and what
he has done recently and, oh, why I should vote for him, he's spreading
false information and lying about his opponent. 

BOB KALNICKY, grow up and run a clean campaign! I don't know what the rest of his supporters think, but if he'll lie about this, how can anyone believe anything he says? SHAME ON YOU, BOB KALNICKY! SHAME ON YOU!

Trish Stoner


David October 23, 2012 at 04:54 PM
How can anyone call these accusations false? This woman was charged with domestic battery. That is fact not false. What about the lies being told about the Kalnicky campaign in regards to Social Security and Medicare? Nothing like trying to target uneducated voters. Her campaign is filled with lies. I have received a ridiculous amount of mail from Ms. Manley and they are the furthest from the truth, she has lied from the beginning and she will lie until the end.
DoTheMath.Skeptic October 27, 2012 at 04:12 AM
The mailings supporting Manley are paid for by the Illinois Democratic Party (see the return address in small print). There is so much deception in her pieces. There is NO WAY she will stand up to Mike Madigan and bring reform to Springfield, when he is approving the money for her mailings. Even if she tries, she won't be allowed to bring reform. Wake up, residents! A vote for Manley is to support the continued corruption in Springfield.


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