More Pounding on a Drum and Date Night with Your Favorite Boys

Drum show at the Rialto Square Theatre, an instructional drum circle and a night on the town with sons is on the horizon.

Last week, I told you all about a and one that was little further away in Crest Hill. I've been adding to my efforts to meditate more often and went to two drumming events last week. The first, on Feb. 24, was at the in Joliet. Drums! began as a tourism commercial and has become a touring show.

The show highlights the presence of drums in the four cultures that shaped Nova Scotia. Those cultures - Mi’kmaq, French Acadian, Celtic and Black, had one thing in common - the drum.

This is the basis of the show and it was moving and resonated in my gut with every drum beat. I walked away thinking that if the Nova Scotians really honored the multiple cultures of their homeland the way this show makes it seem like they do, it must be a phenomenal place to live.

Pound on a Djembe

Watching the show Drums! was moving. And for me as I am sure for anyone else in the audience who does so, left me wanting to pound on my own drum. I did really enjoy the sections of the show that highlighted the Black drum beats. The performers made spirituals come to life. So when the opportunity to pound on a djembe came across a couple days later, I was thrilled.

That drum class is open to the public. Taught by Dahn Lindstrom, the class is now held in Joliet, but Lindstrom did teach a class at the last year. What was cool about this class was that participants had the opportunity to not only pound on a drum, but also to learn traditional beats and a little about the African drum culture.

Donations are encouraged at the class, which takes place every Sunday at 6:30 p.m. at New Generation Dance Studio, 1399 Plainfield Rd, #1 in Joliet.

Want to drum right now and not wait until Sunday night? The at Aunt Nina's Sweets and Treats, 21121 Division Street in Crest Hill, is tonight at 6:30 p.m. That workshop happens on the last Thursday of every month, but because of leap year, the February date is happening on March 1. The cost is $5.

Speaking of the Channahon Park District...

Are you a mom with little boys? Then I have the event for you. The Channahon Park District is hosting its annual Mom and Son Date night on March 8. The event is $27 per resident couple and $15 each additional child. The event includes dinner, an ice cream sundae bar and a presentation from Dave DiNaso's Traveling World of Reptiles.

You must register for the event and more information is available on the Channahon Park District Web site.

And finally, help out your neighbor

Do you remember Channahon resident ? This brave 4-year-old is fighting cancer and the whole community has come out to support her. From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., March 6, the Morris VFW will play host to a fundraiser wine tasting for her and her family. More information on the fundraiser is available here.


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