Carolyn Grey Remembered as Sweet Mom Who Touched Those She Knew

Neighbors, co-workers, strangers recall mother of three and nurse who comforted other's lives.

Jacki Carugati McHale had never met Carolyn Grey.

Wednesday, though, she picked some lavender from her garden and walked to the corner of Bell and Route 6 to leave flowers in Grey's memory.

"I did not know her," she said. "I'm one of the women who, maybe we played on the playground together."

McHale had her 3-year-old son with her.

"I don't know them but my heart has just been consumed for her," she said. "It could have been any of us.

"Grey was turning left from Route 6 to Bell Road Tuesday afternoon, when her SUV was hit by a semi. The truck impacted her passenger's side, pushing the SUV into a light pole.

Grey's neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, was occasionally consumed with grief while talking about Grey.

"She was the sweetest person," she said. "She was always in the yard playing with the kids."

Grey's neighbor said the mother was easy-going and kind.

Steve Zmudka witnessed the accident and was one of the people who helped cut the straps on the infant's car seat, removing her from the SUV.

Zmudka lives in Hunter's Crossing, as does McHale. He did not know Grey, but did attest to traffic problems on that corner. He has lived in the subdivision since it opened 12 years ago. With the traffic light, he said it is a little more controlled, but the truck traffic makes it dangerous.

Comforting others

Grey was a nurse who worked at Provena St. Joseph Medical Center in Joliet, where one of her children was taken following the accident.

"Our heartfelt sympathy and prayers are with her family," said Provena St. Joseph marketing manager Rich Matula in a statement. "Carolyn was a valued employee and she will be missed."

The hospital had not released information about a memorial.

"At this time I think they may be working out the details," Matula said.

Carolyn Grey's family declined comments at this time.

Rosalinda May 23, 2011 at 08:40 PM
From what I was told (hosptial talk), Carolyn was previously married to a man who died from cancer about 6 or more years ago and had a child (or children) with him. Possibly a daughter named Kelly?
trivialthings May 23, 2011 at 09:21 PM
Danielle please comply with your own statement, "please stop speculating." You may have been directly behind the other driver's car but you show prejudice toward the truck driver. You say,"Yes, she turned on a yellow, but the truck driver had no intention of slowing down and the light was yellow turning red!!!" She turned on yellow but for the truck the light was "yellow turning red?" You also are of the opinion that,"the truck driver had no intention of slowing down." How is it you can know the intention of another person? That truck probably weighed somwhere between 50000 to 80000 pounds. Did you consider he COULD NOT stop that truck in time? You're most egregious comment is, "I will never understand how he could just walk away and get on his cell phone when I was screaming at him..." This person was just involved in a terrible accident, possibly confused, or could possibly have been calling for help, AND your screaming at him wasn't helping the situation. You seem to display some bit of pride having your name in the "eye witness" box of the police report. If you're going to be a true "eye witness" try doing it without the predisposed prejudice toward one of the parties.
Grace May 24, 2011 at 02:04 AM
Carrie's kids are fine and out of the hospital. Veronica(4 yr old) is in a wheelchair and has a broken leg and bruised face. They are holding in. God bless Carrie!
John Koski October 27, 2011 at 11:18 PM
Cherly Cottler is Cheryl Cottle, don't be fooled. Only Cheryl is twisted enough to say those things. Cheryl Cottle drives a bus and on another website "Cherly Cottler" posted a comment saying "I love this place,, I am a bus driver and go here all the time I just wish I had someone to go with cause I really just sit alone. But anyways its a great place even for me the loner ". Cheryl always goes to Grandma's in the morning when she drives her bus. Here the link to the website, it's one of the last comments. http://www.topix.com/forum/city/minooka-il/TJVB8FML8VM2PO5NA/p2 I wonder if "Cherly Cottler" is still stealing people's identity and committing credit card fraud. If anyone in the area has had their identity stolen, I would first look at "Cherly Cottler". Check out this link where Cheryl said more sick things about an accident.
John Koski October 27, 2011 at 11:19 PM
Cheryl, you know that's you. Stop lying, you suck at it


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