Cell Phone From Hickory St Double Murder Still Missing, Says Source

The cell phone supposedly used to report the murders of two Joliet men has not been located, a source said.

An extensive search along Interstate 80 for an alleged killer's cell phone in the wake of last month's double murder on Hickory Street came up empty, a source said.

The missing phone is the same one 18-year-old Bethany McKee supposedly used to call her father, Bill McKee of Shorewood, to let him know two young men were dead in the home of her friend Alisa Massaro, also 18.

Bill McKee passed that information along to officers with the Shorewood Police Department, who in turn alerted the Joliet police, sources said. Joliet police officers then headed to Massaro's home on North Hickory Street and found the bodies of Terrance Rankins and Eric Glover, both 22.

Plastic bags covered the heads of Rankins and Glover, a source said, and the two bodies were discovered in the midst of Massaro and two of her friends, Adam Landerman, 19, and Joshua Miner, 24. Massaro, Landerman and Miner were playing the video game Grand Theft Auto when the cops showed up, a source said.

Massaro, Landerman and Miner were taken into custody at the house and charged with first-degree murder. McKee was later caught in Kankakee, where she was heading with her young daughter to see the child's father. She also was charged with first degree murder. The four are in the Will County jail awaiting trial.

Police, police dogs and Illinois Department of Transportation workers scoured the area along I-80 after the grisly discovery on Hickory Street. A court filing from this week says prosecutors have a DVD "containing the recording of defendant McKee's trip to Interstate 80 to locate her cell phone."

A source close to the investigation says that phone was never found. Joliet police Cmdr. Brian Benton declined to confirm or deny whether the phone was located.

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Wendell February 20, 2013 at 05:23 PM
Okay, I see now bob, you're a big time Internet racist!!! Talk all that big ish behind your screen who's looking for attention!!! You talk all types of mess about black people on different Internet sites, but in the real world, your best friend is probably black!!! Get a life bob!!!! Who cares where they worked or who they lived with, they were KIDNAPPED, MURDERED, and taken away from their families!!! I don't even think the murders was even about race, because terrance told his mom where he was going!!!! But of course, a racists prick is going to try and make it what it's not!!!
CW February 20, 2013 at 07:28 PM
What does it matter what color, race, gender these people were????? The fact of the matter is 2 people have died, there are many holes in the story, family and friends are grieving....That's the DAMN POINT!!!!
Nick March 12, 2013 at 09:06 PM
Bob you aren't a very intelligent individual are you?
kat wash March 15, 2013 at 01:52 AM
yall stupid...stop talking bad about this..2 boys lost their lives....may God have mercy on the ignorant ppl on here....
Its me April 03, 2013 at 01:18 PM
I dont think it was so much as premeditated at the time the girls called Rankins and Glover over. I think they just wanted to use them for the free alcohol, I do believe it was stated that the girls asked them to bring alcohol with them! Maybe while Rankins & Glover were there they mentioned to one of the girls they had some drugs, or asked one if they wanted to get high or do a line and in turn the girl told Adam or Josh they had drugs and that spun the whole plan to rob them and it ended in murder. In the after math Beth "all of a sudden came to her senses" and fleed, hopeing it wasnt real! (which of course doesnt make it ok) The other 3 stuck around and did awful things "proving to one another" that they were "COOL" and now "BONDED"for life in this tragic event! It goes to show how the young minds of people like Adam Josh Alyssa and Beth can be influenced by one another and that the justice system doesnt work, as in Josh and his criminal record and the lack of punishment he didnt get in the past! I believe they should ALL spend the rest of their lives in jail, and Im willing to pay my taxes to see that happen, however, I also want my taxes to be used to prevent things like this from happening, meaning, punishing those that do crimes (Joshs past) by not letting the off with a slap on the hand hopeing it wont happen again!


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