Channahon Police Warn Residents About Potential Fraud

Residents have received letters in the mail requesting personal information with a promise for money.

Recently, Channahon residents have received letters requesting personal information to acquire money in the mail, Channahon Police reported.

Specifically, residents have received "very real looking" checks in the mail, claiming the recipient has won a foreign lottery or the beneficiary of a large sum of money. Included with the check are directions to cash the check and an address to send a cashier's check or money order to cover taxes or fees in order to receive the remaining sum of money.

Police said this is a scam and want to remind resident to never give out your personal information.

"Do not provide banking information to anyone unless you are positive they are entitled to have it," police said in a written release. "There are many types of scams that come through the mail.

"Please be cautious with your identification and banking information."

If you have any questions on concerns please contact the Channahon Police Department at 815-467-2112.

Editor's Note: Information in this post was provided by the Channahon Police Department.

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