Christopher Vaughn Murder Case Still Dragging Along On Anniversary of Arrest

Charged with gunning down his wife and three children in cold blood four years ago, Oswego man Christopher Vaughn appeared in court for a brief Thursday morning hearing.

Four years to the day he after was arrested at a Missouri funeral home for allegedly gunning down his entire family, Christopher Vaughn appeared in court to find out he's going to do at least another two months and a week before he even makes it to his next pretrial hearing.

Vaughn, 36, allegedly shot his wife, Kimberly, 34, and three children — Blake, 8, Cassandra, 11, and Abigayle, 12 — in June 2007.

The family was heading from their home in Oswego to a Springfield water park when Vaughn killed them all as they sat in a parked sport utility vehicle on the Interstate 55 Frontage Road in Channahon Township, near Shorewood, police and prosecutors have said.

Vaughn claimed that it was his wife that killed the children — and tried to get him as well — before turning the gun on herself and committing suicide. Vaughn was found the morning of the killings with a bullet wound to his leg. The authorities believe he shot himself as part of his cover story.

Vaughn had been represented by St. Louis attorney John Rogers and Joliet lawyer Gerald Kielian but they quit the case last month. Rogers and Kielian had been collecting money from the state's Capital Litigation Fund while Vaughn faced the death penalty. They were cut off from the cash after the governor put an end to capital punishment in Illinois and subsequently abandoned the case.

Joliet attorney George Lenard, who works as a part-time public defender in addition to maintaining a private practice, got Vaughn's case after Rogers and Kielian bailed. Lenard, who for a time represented accused wife-killer Drew Peterson in his murder case, has two full-time public defenders assisting him in the Vaughn matter.

During Vaughn's court appearance Thursday morning, Lenard pointed out that two other public defenders, Lea Norbut and Greg DeBord, were working as prosecutors at the time of Vaughn's arrest. Norbut even visited the crime scene, Lenard said, and questioned witnesses during grand jury proceedings.

Assistant State's Attorney John Connor agreed that Norbut and DeBord did not present a conflict so long as they had nothing to do with Vaughn's case and were separated from it by a "Chinese wall."

Judge Daniel Rozak set Vaughn's next court date for Aug. 30.

trivialthings June 24, 2011 at 05:48 PM
Sadly this is what the American Justice System has become. A bastardized vision of how justice should be served by the liberal press, courts and the ACLU. The full protection of the Constitution, as being interpreted by lawsuits, is given to the criminal, while the rights of the victims are thrown to the side. His victims have been dead for 4 years now while he enjoys the comfort of the protections afforded to him and while the taxpayers are paying for his lawyers along with his stay in prison. What kinds of Constitutional Protections, or ANY protections for that matter, did this scum give his wife and those children? Let's all say a hearty "Thank You" to this "Chicago" Governor for doing away with the death penalty. If he is found guilty the taxpayers will be stuck, again, with paying for this scum for the rest of his life. We can only hope he receives some "Jailhouse Justice."
Tyrion Lannister June 27, 2011 at 06:05 PM
They probably forced him to watch Shorewood's favorite " Just Go With It"
oswegoannie July 10, 2011 at 01:11 AM
4 years is 4 years too long for justice to be served. However....at least he has spent these 4 years in JAIL, versus living the good life free on bond.
kris December 17, 2011 at 04:22 AM
he is sooo quilty. i don't understand why this hasn't gone to trial yet?
Mary July 16, 2012 at 01:03 AM
The reason it has not gone to trial all these years is because Jim Glasgow is an imbecile! His investigators WASHED THE BLOODY TOWEL IN THE CRIME LAB WASHING MACHINE! Evidence gone!


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