Cockroaches in JJC Coffee Machine: Suit

A Joliet Junior College student and two school employees claim they found cockroaches in coffee they bought from a vending machine in the JJC cafeteria.

A Joliet Junior College vending machine dispensed unwanted cockroaches along with cups of coffee, a student and two school employees claim in a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

JJC student Bobbi Smith and employees Gary Broyles and Richard Anderson all said they got cockroaches they didn't want in their coffee in the summer of 2012.

Smith, Broyles and Anderson are suing Hometown Suburban Vending for allegedly allowing cockroaches to infest the coffee machine.

It was the "duty" of the Oak Lawn company to "provide vending machines that dispensed beverages that were free and clear of contamination by insects," the lawsuit said.

A woman answering the phone at Hometown Suburban Vending said no one was available to discuss the allegations of cockroaches in the coffee Tuesday.

Smith, Broyles and Anderson all claim they did not realize there was a cockroach in their coffee until after they started drinking, according to the lawsuit. The three also all maintain that drinking the cockroach-coffee caused them "great pain and anguish both in mind and body," and that they "will be hindered from attending to (their) usual affairs of life," the lawsuit said.


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