Cops Say Shooting Story Doesn't Match Evidence

Joliet police could find no blood or shell casing on or near the porch where the incident allegedly occurred, but they did uncover evidence inside the house, Cmdr. Brian Benton said.

Joliet police say they have reason to believe the shooting of a man standing on a porch Wednesday afternoon may not have occurred as described by the victim and his friend, Joliet Cmdr. Brian Benton said.

In the initial report, both said the 19-year-old man was going to the friend's house at 212 N. Hickory at about 1:30 p.m. when a man approached him and fired a single shot into his chest. The friend heard the shot, opened the front door and the victim collapsed at the threshold, the report said.

However, police did a canvass of the neighborhood and could find no one who could corrobarate hearing the gunshot or observing anyone fleeing the scene, which is unusual for a daytime shooting in a populated area, Benton said.

Police returned to the house Thursday and were given permission by the tenant to do a search, during which they "found evidence that contradicted" the original story, he said. They then obtained a warrant to do a more thorough check and found more evidence that didn't match what they'd been told, he said.

Benton declined to say what evidence was recovered, but did confirm that police found no blood on the porch and no bullet casing outside where the shooting reportedly occurred.

When asked if it was possible the victim might have shot himself, Benton said "we're not ruling it out as a possibility."

He also said the tenant was "fully cooperating" with the police in their investigation.

The shooting was the second in two days, the first having taken place about 7 p.m. Tuesday outside a small food store on Woodruff Road. Benton said they have corroborated the story given by the two victims, who were injured in the wrist and foot from the bullets fired by a single shooter. Police have no suspects currently.




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