Don't Judge A Book By It's Undershirt: Rogues Gallery

What do the clothes say about these men?

We know what they say about the poor white sleeveless undershirt.

In fact, we already discussed this some time ago. Still, we here on the Shorewood Patch Rogues Gallery Committee feel the need to revisit the matter once again in the interest of dispelling some misconceptions.

For one thing, we're well aware that some people find it funny to call these shirts wife-beaters.

According to the stereotype, men who enjoy the fit and freedom of a sleeveless undergarment have some sort of predilection for domestic violence.

Well, we decided to find out just how much water that theory holds. And to do so, we undertook a very scientific study of mugshots depicting men wearing white tank top T-shirts.

And take a guess at what we found. If you said that the stereotype was unfounded, you would be exactly right.

Only one of the 20 men surveyed was in jail on a domestic battery charge. And who's to say he even did what he was arrested for. He surely wouldn't be the first guy to be wrongly incarcerated at the Will County jail.

We discovered that the term "wife-beater" is simply erroneous. You might as well call the white sleeveless undershirt the "failure to appearer in court" or the "drivinger under the influence," as those are just two of the crimes that men in such apparel allegedly commit at a much greater rate, according to our study.

But see for yourself. The evidence is right here in the Rogues Gallery. And wear your undershirt with pride!

Grandma Says August 08, 2011 at 06:53 PM
Just because they were charged with other offenses, doesn't mean they aren't wife beaters.
Joseph Hosey August 08, 2011 at 07:42 PM
Vicki, you make a good point.
TEC September 04, 2011 at 01:25 AM
As a white collar professional who wears athletic undershirts (wifebeaters) on a daily basis, I am glad to find that the stereotype is unfounded. The undergarments have unfortunately endured a less than reputable reputation due to a very few low lifes.


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