Former Drew Peterson Lawyer Joel Brodsky Calls Current Lawyer Crazy

Joel Brodsky slapped back with a bizarre court filing just days after getting blamed for blowing the Drew Peterson case.

Last week, one of the lawyers working to get wife-killer Drew Peterson a new murder trial blamed attorney Joel Brodsky for blowing the case. On Monday, Brodsky slapped back, filing a court paper claiming former co-counsel Steve Greenberg "suffers from a severe mental illness."

Mentally ill or not, Greenberg is still on Peterson's defense team. The same can't be said for Brodsky, who tearfully claimed in October that he was voluntarily withdrawing from the case. In last week's memorandum penned by Greenberg, which paints Brodsky as a , it alleges that Brodsky was "discharged" from the defense team.

Brodsky has followed his withdrawal—or discharge—from the criminal case by pulling out of a wrongful death action filed against Peterson in 2009. The father and sister of Peterson's drowned third wife, Kathleen Savio, filed the lawsuit in April 2009, less than a month prior to Peterson's arrest on charges he murdered Savio.

Peterson was found guilty of Savio's murder in September following a five-week trial. After handing down the verdict, jurors said testimony from Savio's divorce attorney, Harry Smith, clinched their decision.

Brodsky called Smith to the witness stand and questioned him. Greenberg has called this a disastrous move and said Brodsky made it alone, against the advice and urging of other attorneys on Peterson's defense team.

In his motion to withdraw from the civil case, which says virtually nothing about withdrawing from the civil case but quite a bit about Greenberg, Brodsky alleges that Greenberg was on board with the ill-advised Smith strategy but now denies it because "his mental illness requires that he can never be wrong."

Brodsky also claims Greenberg "developed a hatred and resentment of Joel Brodsky," not to mention that Greenberg is supposedly "fixated and obsessed" with him.

But Greenberg wasn't the only one Brodsky was going after in his court filing—he also took a swipe at Peterson, whom he had seemingly developed a deep friendship with during the five years of their association following the mysterious disappearance of Peterson's fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, in October 2007.

"Drew Peterson, because he is facing the likelihood of having to spend the rest of his life in prison, is, like a man grasping straws, knowingly accepting and agreeing to make false allegations against Mr. Brodsky based on Greenberg's ill-conceived advice and counsel," Brodsky wrote in the motion.

Brodsky failed to return calls for comment. Peterson, who is locked up in the Will County jail while he waits to be sentenced to up to 60 years in prison for killing Savio, also was unavailable to discuss Tuesday's filing.

When told of Brodsky's filing, Greenberg said it was just additional evidence to be used when he tries to prove Brodsky was ineffective in his defense of Peterson.

"Taken as a whole, it's so nonsensical, and the fact that he filed such a pleading will be exhibit A to support our allegations that (Brodsky) should never have been leading the charge," Greenberg said. "Those of us who remain (on the defense team) are focused on getting Mr. Peterson a new trial, and not on Mr. Brodsky.

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Lorie Taylor December 18, 2012 at 04:00 AM
It can if it is an anonymous tip......he doesn't have to come forward and say who he is. he can just call it in on a pay phone.All someone has to do is say where to find her, and the ISP, and States Atty will take it from there :)
Watchful Eye December 18, 2012 at 04:12 AM
I absolutely believe Brodsky won't go down without taking the scum with him. Misery loves company.
Watchful Eye December 18, 2012 at 09:36 PM
Wow! From Brodsky's filing. Sounds like he's going to have loose lips. Oh, and sounds like he's got someone besides DP in the crosshairs. Does he know where Stacy is? "...Attorney Steve Greenberg has committed what is probably the single biggest legal mistake in the history of jurisprudence. In the December 13, 2012 Memo in the Savio murder case Attorney Steve Greenberg quoted directly from a November 24, 2012, letter that Mr. Brodsky sent to Drew Peterson that concerned privileged matters. By doing this Greenberg has most assuredly waived the attorney-client privilege regarding the contents and subject matter of that letter, which is extremely sensitive on a matter still being investigated by the Will County States Attorney’s office,.." "...Therefore, because of this unfathomable error by Attorney Steve Greenberg,Peterson’s current attorney, Joel Brodsky fully and reasonably expects to be called as a witnessagainst Mr. Peterson (and another person) either before the grand july and/or in a future prosecution against Drew Peterson (and another person)..." Another person????????
Flora Dora December 18, 2012 at 11:52 PM
So Brodsky says Greenberg is has severe mental illness that requires that he can never be wrong. Sounds like most of the men I know but their mental illness could never be deemed severe!
Zoey February 09, 2013 at 11:49 PM
It appears Joel is still swinging at the press. Keep writing, Joe Hosey! Joel Brodsky has been trying to knock you out of the picture for years. Watchful Eye- I'm assuming "another" is Brodsky's threat to expose Steven's true involvement in covering up Stacy's disappearance. I'm not saying Steven knew everything, just saying Drew pulled his son into helping him cover up everything. (knowingly or unknowingly)


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