Killer Christopher Vaughn Will Get Life For Taking 4 Lives

Vaughn was convicted this summer of killing his wife and three children in a desperate attempt to free himself from responsibilities and start a new life.

Christopher Vaughn had set a plan in motion to start a new life in the Yukon with an unwitting Chicago stripper on whom he had a secret crush.

Instead, he will be starting a new life in prison, and he will be staying there until he dies.

Vaughn, 38, faces an automatic life sentence for killing his wife, 34-year-old Kimberly Vaughn, and three children—Blake, 8, Cassandra, 11, and Abigayle, 12—in June 2007.

The Oswego man will still go through what is expected to be a lengthy sentencing hearing today. Members of Kimberly Vaughn's family are scheduled to testify.

The Vaughns were making an early morning trip to a Springfield waterpark when Christopher Vaughn pulled off Interstate 55 and stopped on the frontage road outside Channahon. He exited the family sport utility vehicle under the pretense of checking a luggage rack on the roof, then gunned down his wife and children as they sat in the family's sport utility vehicle.

Vaughn stuck his pistol under his wife's chin and pulled the trigger, putting a bullet through her brain. Then, with clinical precision, he shot each of his children in turn—once in the torso and once in the head—as they sat buckled in the back seat amidst bedclothes and children's books.

Once his family was dead, Christopher Vaughn shot himself in the thigh, inflicting a minor injury.

But Christopher Vaughn told detectives—and claimed throughout his trial—that it was actually his wife who shot their children, wounded him in the leg as he fled for his life, and then turned the pistol on herself and committed suicide.

Christopher Vaughn explained to detectives that he had confessed to his wife about an extramarital dalliance and that was what led to the unhinged Kimberly Vaughn's killing spree.

Christopher Vaughn also told investigators that the medication his wife was taking for migraine headaches contributed to her becoming both homicidal and suicidal.

During his murder trial, prosecutors presented evidence that Vaughn killed his entire family so he could get a fresh, unencumbered start on life in the Canadian wilderness. He aspired to bring a stripper on whom he had dropped thousands of dollars along with him.

The jury selected for Christopher Vaughn's case sat through a month-long trial, then took only 50 minutes to return a guilty verdict.

Flora Dora November 26, 2012 at 08:24 PM
So it's the stripper's fault? What planet are you from? She may not even have known what his marital status was... Even if she did, she is not trash, lady.
Earnan Drummann November 27, 2012 at 02:58 AM
How did Jeffrey Dahmer die?
Amy Adam-Jenkins November 27, 2012 at 11:08 AM
Jeffrey killed by another inmate in prison, bludgeoned to death.
becaboo November 27, 2012 at 02:07 PM
Although always a proponent of the death penalty. I have seem the research and it is more expensive then life in prison. To pay for appeals and all the things to make sure we aren't killing innocent man. This guy does not deserve an easy way out by death penalty. He deserves to sit there and rot for rest of his life. He will not have an easy jail life child molesters and child killers get what's coming to them in prison. There is a code between inmates and these type of crimes are punished via inmate justice. My only hope is he doesn't get segregated in prison. I hope he goes into general population where he will live in fear
John Roberts November 27, 2012 at 03:46 PM
Know what's messed up..chances are after killing your family,going off to the woods and realizing it is way harder than you thought or depressed because no one around...once you sit down and start to thinking about your life and what you done in it...the reality is this guy would of ended up killing himself...just too bad he didn't do it before he killed his family....only good thing is his high profile case makes him a high profile target in prison......mmmm get ya some....now the real sad thing is some guy that got busted with weed,or driving, will have to share a prison with this guy...


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