Minooka Man Teased About Tattoo Grabs Gun, Tussles With Brother, Takes Hammer to Head & Goes to Jail: Cops

A Minooka man had a rough Sunday night in Joliet.

Jonathan Kleckauskas. Credit: Will County Sheriff's Department
Jonathan Kleckauskas. Credit: Will County Sheriff's Department
A Minooka man responded to teasing about his new tattoo by grabbing a gun and brawling with his brother, police said.

Jonathan Kleckauskas, 26, of 1418 Redtop Lane ended up getting hit in the head with a hammer and landing in jail before his Sunday night was through.

Kleckauskas had stopped by his brother's Joliet apartment to get a rising sun tattoo from the brother's roommate, police said.

Afterward, while drinking vodka in the North Broadway apartment, Kleckauskas argued with another guest who had criticized the tattoo because it "wasn't American," police said.

Kleckauskas left the room, grabbed a .45-caliber pistol, returned to the kitchen and placed it on the table, police said.

Kleckauskas was told to leave but refused to do so, police said He instead decided to pick up his pistol and rack the slide.

Kleckauskas' brother reportedly charged him and the two fell to fighting. During the brawl his brother hit him int he head with a hammer, police said.

When the cops arrived they found Kleckauskas sitting in a car parked outside the apartment building. He reportedly admitted he had a gun stashed in the vehicle's trunk but claimed he never brought it into the apartment. Several witness told officers otherwise, police said.

Kleckauskas was charged with the unlawful use of a weapon, domestic battery and criminal trespass to a residence.

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