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Neighbor Saves Family Members from House Fire

The Joliet Fire Department is lauding Don Marino for breaking a front window and helping save a mother and her three children.

A Joliet man is being hailed as a hero from rescuing a family from a house fire at about 4:30 a.m. Sunday, reports said.

When Don Marino saw flames coming from the back of a neighboring house in the 1800 block of Black Hill Ridge Drive, he pounded on the front door and then threw a chair through the front window, Joliet Fire Department Investigator Mike Stapp told the Joliet Herald News.

He then pulled two young girls to safety and returned to help their mother and brother escape, Stapp told the paper. The family's father was at work at the time of the blaze, he said.

“He saved their lives going in there,” Stapp told the paper.

Though the home has a Plainfield mailing address, it is located in Joliet's Caton Ridge subdivision.



Donnie and Alana Marino December 18, 2012 at 02:08 AM
Donnie and I would like to thank all for the credit given and would like to share that several other neighbors need to also be noted as caring community members that pulled together to help in a time of need. Several other neighbors have contributed to help the Whittenburg family as well. Donnie feels it is most important to remember that everyone is safe in this story and that being called a hero is not what is important but that all have survived. Thanks again for the respectful comments but please continue to keep this family in your prayers.
richard December 18, 2012 at 03:50 AM
Mom of 5. I don't think suggesting that someone was improperly insured is insensitive. With the proper insurance you don't need donations. At that point, donations what be like stealing from your neighbors. If my neighbor needed a handout after a tragety like a fire, I would be concerned that I may have to stare at a burned out home because there isn't insurance. Sorry if looking at for me and my family is wrong to you, but I'm conservative....and I don't care much for you liberals.
kevin December 18, 2012 at 07:32 AM
Donnies and alana been my friend for many years and what mr.marino did is amazing but like he said the ones that need the support are the ones that were. Cut in the disastere all mr.marino wants is too no that is his family was in this terrible situation someone would do the same for him and his family and mr.marino would do it agai because thats the kind and caring person he is .but i have to think of the ones that lost everything as a best friend of the marino family if there any thing i can do too help arould the house or give a hand im open please dont hesitate too call me 815)295-6759 im donnie marino best friend thankyou....
Helpful Friend December 18, 2012 at 07:47 PM
Receiveing help or donatios not stealing from yur neighbors. I dont even live in the neighborhood and I am willing to help this family with clothes or shoes. Things that those children have lost. Maybe you should think about other people besides yourself once in a while! God forbid anything should happen to your house cause I dont think there will be anyone there to help you!
richard December 18, 2012 at 11:32 PM
Helpful friend. I have insurance. I am insured against such tragedys. People who don't have insurance are selfish. I giggle everytime I walk into a bar or restaurant passing a hat for a person who died tragically leaving kids behind, because to me, a conservative, I think it was selfish of that person not not think enough of his kids to buy some insurance. If tragedy happens to my family we are insured. If paying insurance premiums means I don't have the newest car, or biggest TV, so be it. You keep giving ur hard earned money to those that couldn't be bothered before tragedy. These are the same people who don't think enough to save money either...."Other people will take care of me"....that way of thinking is killing this country. Put away the vacation guide and start getting out of debt, save, and prepare for lifes events which (news flash) includes misfortune.


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