Peterson Jury Gets Along, Comes Up with Games to Help Pass the Time

Patch reporter Joseph Hosey shared those anecdotes with Beth Karas, of In Session TV, when they discussed the jury's practice of color coordinating their clothing.

On Friday afternoon, after the Drew Peterson trial let out for the day, Patch reporter Joseph Hosey and Beth Karas of In Session TV took time out to discuss the pace of the trial and the behavior of the members of the Peterson jury. Their conversation can be watched in full by clicking on the video attached to this post. If you enjoyed that video and want to know more about the color-coding practice of the jury, you can watch a video of Karas talking about it with Peterson defense team member Steve Greenberg.

To do so, click here and select "Karas Vs Greenberg: Did the police do enough?"

Tammy Prouty Lewkowicz August 27, 2012 at 04:11 PM
This is absurd. To think that the jury is so bored with this trial that they are playing games to entertain themselves. They do realize that this trial means a lot to many. Dead, "Missing", & alive, as well as their families.
joliet resident August 27, 2012 at 07:27 PM
It is beyond obvious that Judge Burmilla has no control of this at all. Either he is way out of his league or he wants Drew to walk. The jury should not be wearing the same colors and today was very disrespectful to Kathleen Savio's family as well as Stacy. Also, why doesn't the judge see to it that Drew is not staring down people in the courtroom. He too is in contempt of court. The lady judge on Fox had a program on Saturday and made many good comments about the judge and his lack of being professional.
quilty August 28, 2012 at 02:38 AM
So when the jury is excused from the courtroom while the judge and attorney's are at sidebar, they're supposed to go into a room, sit down and stare at the walls & do nothing? Hate to tell ya, I would have some needlework with me, probably some applique's for my quilting to work on, a book or two and my MP3 player if it were allowed! And yes, I'd play some games!! They're human beings, NOT robots!


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