Police: Names of Arrested Cops Remain Unreleased

Safety reasons cited for not identifying officers.

Police officials said Tuesday that releasing the names of the three police officers arrested in Peoria for their part in an alleged strip club fight would be a "huge officer safety concern."

Therefore, the names remain unknown to the public.

Two Bolingbrook officers and a Channahon cop—each of whom belonged to the Metropolitan Area Narcotics Squad (MANS)—were .

MANS' executive board met Tuesday morning, where members were . Officials, however, remain quiet in handing down more information.

"I have no comment," said MANS Director Dan Tapper. "I'm not going to speak on this."

Both the Bolingbrook and Channahon police departments also were tight-lipped.

"The names have not been released," said Bolingbrook Lieutenant Mike Rompa. "Huge officer safety concern here."

Rompa said the two Bolingbrook officers are both still on active duty.

"Were still not releasing names," Channahon Chief Joe Pena said. "The states attorney in Peoria is reviewing the case."

Erno of the Brook April 20, 2011 at 01:50 PM
On April, 14, the Patch reported that "The incident remains under an internal investigation". Good. On April, 19, the Patch reported that "Rompa said the two Bolingbrook officers are both still on active duty." And, that the names are still not released. Are these officers going to be able to control themselves while on-duty? Accused of brawling, under investigation for it, and cruising our streets and no one knows who they are. I don't believe their names should be released until the investigation is over, and if a crime was committed, take actions under the law to resolve the matter. But, I question the wisdom of allowing them to remain on active duty. At least they should have their responsibilities curtailed temporarily. Would any less be the case in the private sector? As citizens, we rely on these officers to protect and serve. Should the public render its trust of safety to officers that can't even control themselves on an evening out? Are they belligerent or can they just be taunted into brawling? We don't know, do we? Neither is acceptable from an officer of the law. Either way, a temporary suspension of duty does not seem inappropriate. Or, how about releasing more information about the incident? As a citizen of the village, I want to give the benefit of the doubt to these officers because they have taken an oath to serve, and that is admirable. But where is my mind to wander while staring at a curtain of silence?
Guido April 25, 2011 at 12:09 PM
Yeah, cuz letting bad guys know that there are Bolingbrook cops in Peoria would be revealing too much, because being undercover, the cops undoubtedly used their real names, right? Ridiculous. Not printing photos would serve the purpose. Not revealing their names because of some BS about covert operations is an insult to those that believe it, and is another typical example of government doing as they please. They work for us, and they need to understand that they are accountable.


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