Shorewood Patch Fashion Week Rogues Gallery

The Shorewood Patch is always in fashion.

Fashion Week wrapped up in New York earlier this month and we've been waiting for our own Fashion Week to start here in Shorewood. Not because we're into fashion or anything but because we figured we should probably do a story on it.

At any rate, we were waiting for it to start when we realized that, wait a minute, there is no Fashion Week in Shorewood. And that probably makes sense, since everybody in Shorewood's already so fashionable.

But whether Shorewood has a Fashion Week or not doesn't matter to us here at the Shorewood Patch. We're going to have a Fashion Week of our own, right here in the Rogues Gallery. And what never goes out of style in the Rogues Gallery? You got it — tank tops.

So lets take a spin through this gallery of tank-topped mugshots and check out the latest styles from the county jail. You've got to admit, these guys look marvelous.


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