Escaped Prisoners Keep Troy Students Indoors for Recess

With two convicts on the loose, administration took steps just in case they head west.

Students at Troy Community Consolidated District 30c stayed inside for recess on Tuesday. The action was a precaution in reaction to a situation that was still developing Tuesday afternoon.

On Tuesday morning, two men escaped a federal prison and were seen in Tinley Park. It was not known in what direction the men were headed. But, Troy schools were not taking any chances.

"We do notify our schools, we talk to them about the situation," Ken Surma, Director of Operations said. "The front office staff is very aware of the situation."

Additionally the school held all recesses indoors today.

At neighboring Minooka Community Consolidated District 201, some kids were already staying in for recess as a result of the incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

"We do have some of our schools that kept kids in for recess and others that didn't," Superintendent Al Gegenheimer said.

The school was not contacted in reference to the escaped bank robbers, but Gegenheimer said the school was already very proactive in responding to any incident following the meetings after the Connecticut school shooting.

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"From those lessons were going to do whatever we can to keep our students and schools safe," Gegenheimer said.


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