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Channahon Residents to See Credit on Bill

The refuse bill issued this month will show a credit for all village residents.

Residents in the Village of Channahon will not have any charge on their refuse bill this month.

"It was just the garbage bill for the month of December," Channahon Village Manager Joe Pena said.

The refund has to do with the total tax levy in Will and Grundy Counties. The refund was issued to residents in both Will and Grundy Counties within the village.

"The Village of Channahon has approved a tax rebate in the form of a one-time credit on utility bills for the refuse portion of January’s bill," the village Web site states. "Residents that are billed quarterly for refuse will receive the refund on their February billing."

The refund was good news for residents, but some residents on the village's Facebook page were frustrated by the fact that while there was a tax rebate for refuse, the controversial telecommunications tax remains.

"What about the 5% tax on our Internet, phone and tv bills? You know, the one that was a "mistake"? Is this one-time $30 rebate supposed to make up for the couple of hundred that's costing us that no other village charges their citizens? Oh, was I supposed to forget about that?" a resident named Shelia said.

Pena, though, said the refund on the refuse bill is a completely separate issue from the controversial telecommunications tax.

Trustees did not vote to change the tax in any way at a recent meeting.

The tax was first considered by trustees in August 2011.

By September of that year, trustees approved giving notice to the Illinois State Department of Revenue that they intended to enact a telecommunications tax. They had to turn in that notice by Oct. 1. Trustees were under the impression that they would have the ability to further discuss that option before the tax was enacted.

However, the process in the state of Illinois to repeal a tax is the same as the one to enact it and requires the board waiting until March 2012 to alert the Department of Revenue of its intent.

When the option came up in 2012 to alert the Illinois State Department of Revenue to any changes, two trustees asked for a vote to reduce the percentage. They were the only ones to vote in favor of the reduction.

If residents have any questions, they can contact the Finance Department with any questions you may have (815)467-6644.


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