Five Fun Facts about Kendall County

Here are some statistics gleaned from the Kendall County Community Economic Development Plan.

Embedded within the 72 pages of the Kendall County Community Economic Development Plan is a plethora of statistics about the county's workforce and growth. Most come straight from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Here are some of the more interesting facts:

• Kendall County residents spend more time commuting than their neighbors. In 2009, the average commute time was 33.3 minutes for Kendall County residents, while it was 22.1 minutes for LaSalle County residents, 32.6 minutes for Will County residents and 28.5 minutes for Kane County residents.

• In 2009, social services, retail, professional/administrative and manufacturing were the four industries employing the most people in Kendall County. The county’s biggest private employers are Caterpillar near Montgomery, Menards Distribution Center in Plano, and Walmart.

• Five counties in northeastern Illinois, including Kendall County, are listed in the top 30 counties in the nation for highest property taxes paid, based on a 3-year average from 2007 to 2009.

County Median Property Taxes National Rank Lake $6,169 15 Kendall $5,067 24 DuPage $5,213 25 McHenry $5,017 29 Kane $4,773 30

• In 2009, about 93 percent of Kendall County residents 25 or older had a high school diploma or the equivalent. About 34 percent had a Bachelor’s degree, which is a higher percentage than those for Kane, Will, DeKalb, Grundy and LaSalle counties.

• Kendall County’s unemployment rate in 2000 and in June 2011 was smaller than its neighboring counties’ but about on par with Illinois’ and the nation’s.

County 2000 June 2009
Kendall 3.8% 9.8% Kane 5.0% 10.4% DeKalb 4.0% 10.1% Will 4.5% 10.8% Grundy 6.3% 12.7% LaSalle 6.6%


Illinois 3.9%


U.S. 3.7%



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