Judie Nash Concedes Race to Cook; Cook Thanks Voters

Two of the three Channahon Village President candidates go on camera when race results are final. Wayne Chesson declined the opportunity to speak on camera.

When all was said and done Tuesday, Channahon Village President Joe Cook will remain at the helm for four more years. In Will County, the total votes were 1,148 for Cook, 343 for current Channahon Trustee Judie Nash and 543 for former Village President Wayne Chesson. In Grundy County, results initially showed a total of 167 for Cook, 46 for Nash and 75 for Chesson, but the results are no longer showing online.

Watch tomorrow for a story on each of the candidates.

Laurie April 06, 2011 at 02:03 PM
Of Course Chessan had nothing to say, He was all out of LIES!!! Get the hint WAYNE Channahon doesn't want you back as a leader, not that you ever were. THREE TIME LOSER WAYNE. See the writing on the wall. Congratulations Village President Joe Cook!!!
Rebecca April 06, 2011 at 05:05 PM
Chesson declined the oportunity to speak on camera ....well, of course he did. He wouldnt want to have to reply to any of the lies he tried to use as part of a campaign. The residence of Channahon have spoke again WAYNE! they dont want you as any kind of leader or decision maker in their community. Do you get it yet? How many times must you lose?? Doesnt it just get a little embarrassing at some point?
Mary A Cook April 06, 2011 at 06:04 PM
Mrs. Mary A. Cook Channahon... Son, I am very happy for you..Thank you Channahon and all your supporters who gave you their love,trust and time. I know that you will continue to do what is best for our community...As you always say "Channahon has a great future..the people of Channahon are the kind of people that put the great in America"...Congratulations Son and may God bless your next four years in office.


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