Kinzinger Defeats Rolf for District 16 Congressional Seat

Adam Kinzinger, who was the incumbant going into the race Tuesday, defeats Democrat Wendy Rolf.

Incumbant Adam Kinzinger (R-Channahon) has defeated Wanda Rohl (D-Ottawa), who was in her first run for office.

Going into the race on Tuesday night, Adam Kinzinger (R-Channahon), already won a battle during the primary race. Because of the redistricting in Illinois, Kinzinger, who was an incumbent himself, faced a two-decade incumbent, Don Manzullo.

During the primary, Kinzinger admitted to the challenge of redistricting.

"We began this journey three months ago, after my district was divided into five different parts," he said in a written release. "The largest part of my district went into the new 16th, but about 70 percent of the district was new."

On Tuesday night, he was happy to return to represent voters.

"My feeling on tonight from the perspective of my race is I feel very good and this is extrenmly humbling," he said by phone from the Republican gathering in Rockford. "Its and honor its exciting but tomorrow the real work begins."

Kinzinger, who said he had some problems with internet connections as the results came in, did not experience the results going both in his favor and against him.

"I had trouble getting results, so I did not really get to experience the ups and down," he said.

Rohl, who announced her candidacy in April, is passionate about healthcare. She survived an ATV accident that left her a paraplegic and insists that government healthcare allowed her to recover and her family to stay above water.

Kinzinger is a pilot in the Air National Guard and served on active duty as well. He is passionate about U.S. Energy policy. He said although he is disappointed as a Republican to see President Barak Obama take the victory, he is looking forward to working with him the next four years.

"I mean, obviously, as a Republican, it's disappointing, but I really love the fact that we pick our leaders," he said. "Hopefully (Obama) starts reaching out to us and we start reaching out to him."

Kinzinger said he wants to see both parties work together.


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