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Kinzinger Wins Newly Drawn District

In a race that pitted two incumbents against one another, Kinzinger comes out ahead.

Congressional redistricting effects each person differently, but for Congressman Adam Kinzinger's old district, it meant a huge change.

"We began this journey three months ago, after my district was divided into five different parts," he said in a written release. "The largest part of my district went into the new 16th, but about 70 percent of the district was new."

On Tuesday night, Kinzinger won the Congressional seat from Don Manzullo, a two-decade incumbant.

Kinzinger attributed the win to getting out an meeting the residents of his newly-drawn district.

"It was a short amount of time to get to know hundreds of thousands of folks," he said. "But, with the help and support of old friends, we built our grassroots operation organically, from the ground up."

Kinzinger held town hall meetings to get the vote out, including one in

"These folks came to our town hall meetings and said they were tired of the status quo; that they expected more for their kid’s and grandkid’s future; that they were ready for a fresh break from “business as usual in Washington,” Kinzinger said.

Attempts to reach Manzullo for comment were unsuccessful.


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