Election 2012: Incumbents Hold on to Will County Seats

How Will County voted for county board seats, county positions and state and national races.

County Seats 

Circuit Clerk: Incumbent and Democrat Pam McGuire was re-elected, taking in 139,036 votes. Her opponent, Republican Marlene Carlson received 101,947 votes. 

Recorder of Deeds: It was a close race all night for this county position. Republican challenger Laurie McPhillips held the position before current Recorder Karen A. Stukel. Stukel, a Democrat, was re-elected with 125,140 votes. McPhillips earned 114,912 votes. 

Auditor: This one was also close. Incumbent and Democrat Duffy Blackburn was narrowly re-elected over Republican challenger Mark Batinick. Blackburn had 120,684 votes; Batinick received 113,414 votes. 

Coroner: In one of the most commanding leads of a county seat, incumbent and Democrat Patrick K. O'Neil led Republican challenger Charles Lyons 140,959 votes to 98,372 votes. 

State's Attorney: Democrat and incumbent James Glasgow was re-elected over challenger Dave Carlson, 138,325 votes to 104,822 votes. 

  • Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow Wins Again

Chief Executive Officer: Incumbent and Democrat Larry Walsh was re-elected over challenger Cory Singer, 129,230 votes to 111,558 votes. 



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County Board Races 

District 1: Republican Judy Ogalla (8,038 votes) and Democrat Robert E. Howard (8,284 votes) won the two seats over Democrat David M. Fazzini (6,368 votes) and Republican Kent B. Heisner (7,141 votes). Howard was the incumbent in the district. 

District 2: Republicans Jim Moustis (12,076 votes) and Dave Izzo (11,155) won the seats over Democrat Mario P. Carlasare (8,257 votes). Both were the incumbents in the seats. 

District 3:  Democrats Elizabeth J. Rice (9,210 votes) and Donald A. Moran (6,391 votes) defeated Republican Stephen J. Engel (5,390 votes) and Victor D. Zack (4,650 votes). 

District 4: Democrats Jacqueline L. Traynere (9,605 votes) and Kenneth Harris (7,232 votes) won the seats over Republicans Kenneth R. Cygan (4,848 votes) and Felix George (4,593 votes). Traynere was the incumbent in the district. 

District 5: Republicans Lee Ann Goodson (7,992 votes) and Democrat Reed Bible (7,327 votes) took the two seats, defeating incumbent John F. Argoudelis (7,100 votes). Goodson was also an incumbent. 

District 6: Republicans Don Gould (12,056 votes) and Ragan Freitag (10,512 votes) won the seats, defending Democrats Tim Vanderhyden (7,754 votes) and Mike O'Connell (9,286 votes). Gould is the incumbent for the district. 

District 7: Republicans Mike Fricilone (10,244 votes) and Stephen J. Balich (10,477 votes) won the seats, defeating Democrat Chester J. Strzelczyk, III (8,404 votes). There are no incumbents in the district. 

District 8: Democrats Denise E. Winfrey (10,375 votes) and Herbert Brooks, Jr. (6,056 votes) ran unopposed for the seats. Both were incumbents in the districts. 

District 9: Democrats Walter G. Adamic (9,759 votes) and Diane H. Seiler-Zigrossi (8,663 votes) defeated Republicans Catherine Perretta (7,210 votes) and Ignacio G. 'Jerry' Ramirez (5,174 votes). Adamic was an incumbent in the seat. 

The Will County Board previously had nine districts. The board now has 13 districts following redistricting. 

District 10: Democrats Stephen M. Wilhelmi (9,510 votes) and Joseph M. Babich (7,864 votes) won the seats, defeating Republicans Sharon Cemeno Hicks (7,045 votes) and Christine Boban-Merriman (5,351 votes). Balich and Wilhemi were incumbents in the district. 

District 11: Republicans Suzanne Hart (10,774 votes) and Charles 'Chuck' Maher (9,731 votes) won the seats, defeating Democrat Chris Michael Griffin (7,760 votes). Both Hart and Maher held previously county board seats (Hart of District 3, Maher of District 4). 

District 12: Republicans Tom Weigel (14,033 votes) and Margo McDermed (12,212 votes) defeated Democrats Santino Lettieri (6,613 votes) and John J. Sanchez, Jr. (6,578 votes). Weigel previously served in the District 2 county board seat. 

District 13: Democrat Mark Ferry (9,495 votes) and Republican Liz Collins (7,896 votes) have defeated Republican Timothy J. Kraulidis (7,343 votes). There were no incumbents for these seats.

Constitutional Amendment 

Will County voted in favor of an amendment to the Illinois constitution, 118,485 votes to 97,606 votes. The amendment would require a three-fifth majority to vote rather than a simple majority before any governing body can approve a pension benefit increase. 

Congressional Races 

11th Congressional District: Democrat Bill Foster defeated Republican Judy Biggert in Will County, 64,730 votes to 41,289 votes. 

14th Congressional District: Republican Randy M. Hultgren defeated Democrat Dennis Anderson in Will County, 18,516 votes to 13,186 votes. 

16th Congressional District: Republican Adam Kinzinger defeated Democrat Wanda Rohl 6,932 votes to 4,367 votes in Will County. 

State Senate Seats 

38th Senate District: Republican Sue Rezin defeated Democrat Christine Benson 4,917 votes to 3,379 votes in Will County. 

42nd Senate District: Republican Peter Hurtado narrowly defeated Democrat Linda Holmes 1,714 votes to 1,567 votes in Will County. 

43rd Senate District: Democrat Pat McGuire defeated Republican Sandy Johnson 42,486 votes to 19,033 votes in Will County. 

49th Senate District: Democrat Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant defeated Republican Garrett M. Peck 37,653 votes to 32,208 votes in Will County. 

State House Seats 

75th House District: Republican Pam Roth defeated Democrat Jeremy J. Ly 5,034 votes to 3,123 votes in Will County. 

84th House District: Republican Patricia Fee defeated Democrat Stephanie A. Kifowit 1,868 votes to 1,430 votes in Will County. 

86th House District: Democrat Lawrence 'Larry' Walsh, Jr. defeated Republican Ryan Martin Alm in Will County 23,953 votes to 9,986 votes. 

98th House District: Democrat Natalie Manley defeated Republican Bob Kalnicky in Will County 23,314 votes to 15,015 votes. 

Editor's note: Vote totals are unoffical results from the Will County Clerk's office. 

dale evans November 07, 2012 at 02:48 PM
Oh, good. We'll still get the same great level of service.
Despiser of Obama November 07, 2012 at 06:00 PM
The only good thing I can rejoice out of the useless elections yesterday, is that the Illinois constitution amendment failed!!!
Bob Jamesly November 07, 2012 at 07:07 PM
More of the same coming down the pike! But this time it will be better. Right?
Despiser of Obama November 07, 2012 at 10:31 PM
The majority of woman that voted for Obama were not thinking with their brains about economic and foreign policy issues to vote for Obama, but they were thinking more with what's between their legs about abortion and contraceptive issues. Is that fair enough!!!
Judith M Baker November 10, 2012 at 10:47 PM
You are insensitive and stupid. Women were thinking, period. You obviously are not, except perhaps that your candidate lost. In this day and age,when many women are raising children by themselves and two people salary households are often necessary to provide for the family, contraception is of prime importance. Ir is of prime importance. I had to take pills to get pregnant and am not pro abortion. I am however pro choice. Our bodies belong to us not to the state. We should have full control over them, is private and is between ourselves and our doctors. Did U know that, as a bishop of the Mormon Church in Massachusetts, Romney tried to bully a fellow Mormon into maintaining a pregnancy that was life threatening even AFTER she had rec'd permission from the Mormon Elders of her congregation? BTW, I am a member of a minority also. A 72 year old white woman who voted for Obama.


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