'Beautiful' JCA Art Exhibit Opens

The Joliet Catholic Academy Art Exhibit is on display at Provena St. Joseph Medical Center until June.


Peg Stoiber, an art teacher and JCA’s Fine Arts chair, described the Joliet Catholic Academy Art Exhibit — being held until June at Provena St. Joseph Medical Center — in exactly that manner.

The exhibit, which is displayed on the Shirley Oberwortmann Community Art Wall, features the artwork and significant talent of JCA students and includes 22 different drawings, paintings and photographs.

“It really is beautiful,” Stoiber said. “If you use the parking deck, you will see it on your way in. What hit home with me was when they told us that they would have to look at it first because it would have to be pleasing to their clientele. What might be considered fine here could be disturbing in their setting.

“We see art in one way, but in a hospital, it’s a whole different ballgame. But it is exciting to see the exhibit, and it’s an awesome opportunity for our students to show off their work to the public.”

JCA students Jacob Ancel, Taryn Skourmal, Ian Rambo, Jeremy Adams and Hunter Jensen have artwork displayed in the categories of Copper Tooling from 3D Design. They are taught by Jeannette Spreitzer. Katie Rejsek, the Photography Contest winner, also has her items displayed.

The following JCA students, all taught by Stoiber, have items displayed in a variety of categories.

Alex Testin (Watercolor Still Life), Chris Jagodzinski, Molly Vodacek and Theresa Gallo have Pen & Ink Tree from Drawing 2 and Rejsek, also from Drawing 2, has Pencil Self-Portrait.

Max Terlep (Tessellation Design, Positive Negative Design), Rylan Bannon (Tangram Design), Thomas Mueller (Tangram Design), Cody Clevinger (Positive-Negative Design) are all from 2D Design.

Olivia Blake, Lexi Rotnicki and Mimi Ernst have Color Harmonies from Drawing & Painting and Adele Dalton (Scratchboard) and Vodacek (Acrylic Microscopic Image, Cells of a Butterfly Wing) are from Studio Art.

JCA Art Exhibit ribbons were recently awarded. Rejsek, Testin and Vodacek each earned three ribbons, while Dalton, Hasan, Jagodzinski, Michelle LaViola, Daniel Preradovic and Colleen Searcy picked up two and Maggie DiPietro, Jaclyn Doumanian, Carson Smith and Madeline Zinanni received ribbons as well.

Twenty-two pieces were chosen from that show for the Provena St. Joseph Medical Center exhibition. An opening reception was held on Monday, April 23 in the Wallin Conference Center. The JCA Art Exhibit can be viewed daily at St. Joseph and, according to Stoiber, will be on display at least into June.


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