Student Group to Open Breakfast Shop at Minooka High School

Profits from the shop are slated to help fund March of Dimes.

A cup of joe in the morning? A chocolate-frosted, sprinkled donut? Maybe a glass of orange juice or a piece a fruit?

This is something that may appeal to many as a nice, quick breakfast. Whether it be a jolt of caffeine and sugar or a boost of Vitamin C, the Future Business Leaders of America is surely hoping to satisfy hungry students and teachers soon.

Since the return from the holiday break, the 20-plus member group has been working on business plans to have a breakfast shop up and running at the central campus by the beginning of February.

Wes Anderson, FBLA sponsor and business education teacher at MCHS for six years, said several of the members' parents own small businesses, so they have some knowledge of what takes place to run a successful business.

“It is a great learning experience for all students that are involved in it,” Anderson said. “They are learning about profits, mark-ups and taking inventory.”

A few years ago, Anderson said the high school had a coffee shop, but it 'went out of business.' The idea sparked up at a recent meeting and the group was very interested in pursuing the idea again, especially FBLA President Shannon Patino.

Patino, 18 and senior at MCHS, said she is excited about the breakfast shop opening.

“Once we make some money, profits will be donated to our fundraiser for the March of Dimes in April,” Patino said.

On January 21, FLBA members traveled to to participate in the North Central Area FBLA Conference. Minooka was one of 250 schools participating in the event.

Participants took business management tests and conducted business presentations on various topics such as entrepreneurship and web design. Some participants competed in the Battle of Chapters, a 150 question FBLA trivia game.

Senior Maria Rossi won first place for Battle of the Chapters; Maria Rossi and junior Lucia Rossi took second place, in the Global Business competition; senior Shannon Patino won third place in the Battle of the Chapters; and junior Austin Akers took first place for Impromptu Speaking. Other MCHS participants included Kevin Durkin, junior Michelle Jakaitis, junior, Michelle Kasencak, senior, James Lee, junior and senior Austin Stubner.

Back in November, the organization had the opportunity to visit the financial district in Chicago. The members first received a tour of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. While on the tour, members viewed the floor as the market opened and learned about the sale of futures and options. The group also visited the Federal Reserve Bank of America. While at there, students learned about various aspects of money in the United States.

“Visiting the Chicago Mercantile Exchange was pretty awesome,” Patino said. “It was very interesting watching how people sell and buy and the way they use hand signals for sales.”

Patino said during the visit to the Federal Reserve Bank, the group learned how to determine whether money is counterfeited or not. She said free samples of shredded money were given to everyone on the tour.

Patino graduates in May and plans to enter the medical field. However, she said she wants something to fall back on. If it works out, Patino wants to be on the floor at the Mercantile Exchange while attending college. And she said she may like it enough to stick with it.


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