Teachers Vote 'No Confidence' in District 111's Super, Principal

Minooka High School's teachers union says there is an air of "fear and uncertainty" among educators, according to a report.

The Minooka High School teachers union has cast a vote of no confidence in District 111’s superintendent and principal, Sun-Times Media reports.

A large majority of the school’s 160 teachers, uncertain about what the administration expects of them, voted no confidence in Superintendent JIm Colyott and Principal Darice Kubinksi last week, according to the report.

Teachers union President Dennis Grosskopf, who presented the results of the vote to the board, said educators work in “an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty,” Sun-Times Media reports. The union is asking for an investigation into the work environment and for them to establish a plan that works toward District 111 goals.

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TB Plfd January 14, 2014 at 10:27 AM
Darice Kubinksi was one of the worst things that ever happen to Plainfield Schools and many people wonder how Minooka let this head case run there high school. maybe they should of did a back ground check on her by running her maid name also to find out what they are getting there school system into. I feel sorry for the teachers and students that got to deal with her.


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