Daily Rialto Tours Aug. 31 -- Come with Us for a Peek Inside

Weekly tours of the theater will continue on a weekly basis, but will not include an organ concert.

For the whole of the summer, the has hosting tours of the building two times per day during the week. Each includes a pipe organ concert at the end of the tour, which costs $5.

The daily tours, which highlight the history of the theatre, take participants behind the scenes and give information about how a stage and theater show functions, will end on Aug. 31. The Rialto will then go back to holding tours at 1:30 p.m. every Tuesday, but those tours will not highlight the theatre's pipe organ.

Here is what I learned about the Jewel of when I went on the tour at noon on Tuesday.

  • 200 - approximate number of crystal light fixtures in the theater the year it was built. Not there are slightly less.
  • 1926 - year the Rialto was built
  • 250 - number of light bulbs in The Duchess, the chandelier in the main vestibule
  • 2 - number of times per year The Duchess is lowered to the floor for a total cleaning
  • 45 - number of minutes it takes for The Duchess to get to floor-level
  • 300 to 350 - number of guests the Rialto can fit for a sit-down dinner wedding reception
  • 16 number of feet tall of the largest pipe in the pipe organ. The largest pipe is made from wood

For more information on touring the theater, click here.

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